Bitch to the loving husband about his wife.

A fools errand you ran my friend. 

For even I can’t help you now. 

Your hurt him, thinking he and I are separate. 

Didn’t they tell you, my blood runs in his veins and his in mine? 

Didn’t they tell you, we adorn each other with each of the other? 

Didn’t they tell you, hurting me cuts him deeper than it cuts I? 
Oh you fool. 

You had him. 

Loyal to you. Safe keeper of you. A brother to you. A kind, giving, wise man. 

The kind of friend they don’t make these days. 
But the day you insulted me. 

You threw it all away. 
And I say to my man, 

“Let us forgive. Let us forget. Let us be wise.” 

And he will try. 

But till you recognise. 

The wounds will not heal. 
And he is lost to you. 

And I know, as I have known for a long time now, 

That perhaps it is just as well. 
For a man who insults another man’s wife, for all the wrong reasons, hiding behind a lie and never seeking the truth. 

Can’t be a friend to this good man of mine after all. 

And so you spoke the words, I never needed to say. 

And he took the decision I never prompted him to take. 
Let go of a fool, he will do you no good.