Last year, V and I made a pact.
Every year, each of us could travel anywhere we wanted, alone, for 10 days.
Not for work.
Not for family.
Just for me.
Just for him.

We’d be apart and the person staying behind would manage Aru solo (or with family help if it was available).

Earlier this year, I opened my inbox and found an email from The School.
It was for a 5 day trip to Paris.
5 days of visual heaven.
I think reading about Paris’ oldest art store was the bit that got me.
And croissants.

I was nervous.
Somehow, I just knew, this was it.
But gosh.
The money.

I tentatively approached V.
To back up my arguments, I was ready to work my butt off with consulting work so I wouldn’t be arguing for the money factor.
His only question was how we’d manage Aru.
But he said yes.

And now.
Paris is around the corner.
I’m so much more nervous.
I mean, what if every one is super visual and knows the names of all those famous people who you should already know about but you don’t?
And what if my gold kicks are a faux pa?
And what if my clothes aren’t just right?
Travelling with the sleekest of interiors people is beginning to feel so, so, daunting.
I know all these things don’t really matter.
At the end of the day, it’s about inner swag.



I’ll keep you posted!