The society we live in has an age old method for measuring things.

So we valued lots of money over less.
We valued lots of property over less.
We valued lots of time spent together over less.
We thought more cars are better than one.
More things in the home are better than a few.
More DVDs in that collection are better than a few.
More shoes in the wardrobe.
More dinners out.
More friends to attend to.
More gifts for a baby shower.
More digits in the pay packet.
More gadgets in the cupboard.
More land in the backyard.
More choices at the supermarket.
More parks.
More TV shows.
More music.


What if I told you, less might just make us all happier?
Lesser things, yet well chosen things.
Lesser money in the bank, but better spent.
Lesser choices at the supermarket, but optimum ones.
Lesser TV shows, but better ones for our minds.


And for me, a hard pill to digest but…
Lesser time with Aru, but better spent time with Aru.
Has made me happier, more loving and kinder to him.


So what has been feeling like too much or too less lately for you?