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It seems we are so focused on our outward appearance. 
The forms of our bodies. 

The cars we drive. 

The diamonds we own. 
I find it disturbing. 

That we focus so little on the inside. 

On our minds. 
Here are somethings I’ve observed in the last few days. 
We put no priority on rest for the mind. 

It must keep going on, keep delivering. No rest aside from sleep. 
We don’t ask ourselves, “Why are we going on a holiday?”

What experiences will this bring us (Instagram shots, yes I know) – but how will this make me happier from the inside?
V is going to India and my first thought is, “What all can I order online so he can pick it up for me!” I have no gaps, no true needs. Saris galore, bindis galore, jewels galore. I feel it is enough. But why will more bring me happiness? Why do I want new things?
Why aren’t we asking these questions and finding answers? 
And I realised a big thing. 
Half the time, we don’t even know that we’re thinking about it. It’s going on, round and round, doing u-turns, hook-turns and figure 8 loops in our minds. 
And because we never get to the core, we never find a new level. 

Our minds never elevate. 
They’re stuck. 
I read somewhere recently, that the more things we have, the unhappiness they bring with them. 
They take up space, so you need a bigger house. 

They require maintenance, so you need more time for dusting and cleaning. 

They hide other things you had, so now you think you need another hoodie because of all the jackets that are concealing the original hoodie (yes, this happened to me). 
I’m not saying we don’t need anything. 

I’m just wondering, 

Is it because we can afford it? 

Is it because we think we’ll be the happier for it? 


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  1. Chanchal

    Hi Karishma!!
    I find some of your blogs very meaningful.
    They make me question myself,think,reason and decide.
    The pictures give my eyes joy and satisfaction!

    • karishma

      Thanks Maa 🙂 So glad you’re enjoying it, it means a lot to me to know that those few moments in your day are precious. Much love xx K

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