I think there should a law. Mandatory. 

Mothers should have at least 10 days off, if not more. In a year. 

To stop the thinking. 

To be free from the routine. 

From the 24/7. 
In these 10 days, no one should be allowed to ask them for anything, aside from if they want another martini. They shouldn’t have to answer to anyone and no one should second guess their decisions. 
We don’t expect staff to work all year, so why do we expect ourselves to do it? 
I think know why. We tell ourselves this is life and this is how life will be and we aren’t the lucky ones. 
It’s not that we aren’t lucky. 

It’s that we didn’t try hard enough to find a way. 

To believe we were worth it being better. 

To take the risk. 

To bear the taunts. 

To be on the other side of good. 

On the other side of “nice”. 

To be unaccepted, or to strike up the argument. 
To say. 

I need some space. 
So I can love me and you and us.