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For some reason, it’s never occurred to me to write about this here. 
But, I am feeling so lost. 

About this space. This writing. This “blog”. Ugh, don’t you hate the way the word “blog” sounds? I digress. 
So I looked into building an app a while back, explored being a resin artist, toyed with the concept of being a full time mum and all of the above weren’t quite right for some reason or another. 
But I don’t want to create “thriller” or “sexy” or “audacious” posts. To get a larger following. 
I don’t want to change my subject headings to read, “Top 10 Tips of Summer Vacation Packing” just so I’m easier to find on Google. 
I’m not into advertising or sponsored posts. I feel like that is not why you’re here. 
Perhaps I’m a purist. 
All I know, is that I’ve commercialised my art form before, and sure, it made me money, but 8 years later, I was over the money, you couldn’t pay me a million bucks to stay. I’d long lost the love. 
I don’t want to loose the love here. 

For once. 

I’m giving it the scariest bits I’ve got. 
And I just don’t know. 

Where all this is going to go. 


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Dear brother. 


Insides & Outsides


  1. Cheri

    All the yes. X

    • karishma

      Yup. Waiting for something to change, a flick to switch or to feel like I’m found… It’s been a rough ride. X

Let me know your thoughts on this one.

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