Running away from your problems,

Taking flight in the night,

Booking away your tears,

How far will you go little bird?
You could go to Spain, to Russia to India and Africa,

That love of yours has no limits,

The heavens bestowed you with the luxe life

When they saw your sinewy hands, slender arms and the body that never tired, oh how hard you had tried.
Your wings take flight,

No plans, no strategies, no boundaries,

Just the feeling of wind on your face.
But it all catches up with you doesn’t it.

Because the thoughts never leave your mind.

You never really pressed the eject button.

And so the universe will always send you back.

It’s waiting for you.
It’s waiting for you at the point when dawn becomes day.
The point when you rise and see it.


The point when the thoughts stop.
And they will.
With that kind of a sunrise, they all said it was impossible to think.
All you could see was the pink and the orange and the glow of it.

And it did. Make you. Stop your swirling thoughts.

And you did.
Let all the darkness, the disease, the exhaustion, the marks and the scars fall from your wings like dust.
Let the past, the memories, too dark and too haunting, the anger and all that tension – tight from knuckle to knuckle, from eyebrow to eyebrow.

Let it go.

And finally. Bygones will be bygones.

And you’ll see the light that no religion could have ever shown you.

I wish you well my little bird.

Come home safe and fingers crossed, come home ready.

For a change and no more the same.

Let. It. All. Begin.