For the longest time, I’ve been trying to find an example. 

Someone who is the ideal parent, or the ideal parenting guru. 

Telling me what is the best number of hours to spend with my child. 

Because I find escape to be too nice sometimes. 
And I realised, we search, research, ponder here and yonder. 

From the Internet to books. Book Depository to Mummy Mania. 

Grandparents to aunties to neighbours. 

Swedish gurus to Asian grannies. 

Who did it best? 

How did their kids turn out? 
This desire for perfection, may we never let it tarnish our children. 
And yesterday. 

Oh sweet yesterday. 

V said, “I’m going out with Aru”. 

I said, “Do you need me? Can I stay here, I’ve got work to do”. 

A roster, a paid job, sipping some green tea, perhaps a dash of baking. All work. 

It was a Sunday. 

Oh so shocking to not be with child on a Sunday. 
I stayed home. Enjoyed the peace. 

Finished the work. Be it tea or excel. 
And I found my answer. 

It is not in the hours. 

It is not in a hidden equation. 

It is not in a roster. 
It is simply when you need it. 

Take it.