Hey little Buddha

Don’t you listen to them

The ones who say no

The ones who say it can’t be done

The ones who say “That’s not how things work”

Don’t you listen them 

You be Mama’s little rebel 

You wear your hair the way that makes you proud.

You rock your high tops the way that makes you swagger.

You beat your drum to the beat of your heart. 

You defy them and believe in you. 

Because this dark world needs a little more of that. 
And don’t you fear my precious. 

You’ve always been cautious. 

Let your caution guide you. 

Because all you need is you to make it there. 

All that makes you.

My little Buddha. 

The world to come wasn’t made for those who tell you, “It’s never been done like this”. 

They’re yet to see the world to come.

You showed us that, and now, you’re to show the world.