I saw you walking the other day, back in our hood, in our town. 
And everything I ever loved about you, was still in you. 

The way you gracelessly bent over to tie your laces. 

The slow meandering walk, there is no rush upon your face. 

Your headphones, your golden sneakers. 

The short dress, the fine legs. 

All you. 
And I wonder. 

Why it ended. Where was my head. 

What words had we spoken. 

What words had we not. 
I know simply this. 

You were shielded from me. 

From my callousness. 

From my failing core. 

From my weak mind. 
You were shielded from me that day. 

And lovingly nurtured for another. 
I cannot, won’t even wish it for another lifetime. 

For I know I will never, ever be so fortunate.