As we try to change the next person

We are judging them. 

Just as much as we judge them, 

We’re making a comment on ourselves. 

For the words we’re saying, 

Are all a reflection of what is actually internal turmoil for us. 

Inside ourselves. 
And so. 

I let you go. 

I let I go. 

I cannot change you or convince you. 

My way is right. 

Your way must be wrong. 

I’ve come to accept. 

That you’re shining back a light on me. 

Something I need to learn from. 
Is it your address? 

Your ways? 

Your weight or lack thereof? 

Or perhaps your choices? 

Your way of being? 

White flour vs. Rice flour. 

Footy vs. galleries. 

Over the river vs. not. 

Scandinavian vs. minimal. 

Natural vs. chemical. 

Saving vs. spending. 

Travelling vs. staying. 
It doesn’t matter. 

The real, deep, deep, deep heart of the matter 

Is actually not feeling the differences at all. 

Unlearning childhood learnings of cultural divides and tastes. 
Eliminating first hand experiences of someone else’s judgement we now wear as our own.
I’ll keep trying. 

Simply being & accepting.