I’ve had about a fortnight of “drowning in Instagram obsession” and it has been bad. Super bad. I was escaping work, watching Lovebird (which has the hottest guy I have ever seen – I didn’t like him at first but about 6 episodes in and I’m drooling). 

Okay but on a more serious note. 

The tension. 

The nervous tension was getting worse. 

My focus had shifted from the making. 

To the selling. 
I know how hard it is to sell when you have a new brand. 

When your garments are over the $150.00 mark and it’s not because you’re heaving for profit, but simply because you need to make a decent margin to get it into retail and OF course you want silk. Of course you want embroidery. Of course you want the creme de la creme. 
So my thoughts had skimmed over everything else. 

But the sell. 
And in my mind, the only way it was going to sell was if I had over 100K followers on Instagram and it was blogged about globally… Can you see how I can go a bit loopy a bit too soon? 
So I was stalking fashionistas, looking at how many followers they have, how much engagement, blah blah blah. 
I needed a specific recipe for guaranteed success.

And it was driving me mad. 
I told V about it. 

I wrote about. 
Then I deleted the Instagram app off my phone. 

Just for now. 

Just to stop the obsession. 
And I spoke to Carmelo about it. 
He said something incredible. 

He said, there are a million paths. 

And instagram is only one. 
It breaks your focus. 

Takes you away. 
Sure it’s good sometimes, 

But some of the most successful people he knows aren’t on it. 
Vivek said the same. 
I was blinded by the lights. 
So I’m off it (in an active way) for now. 

And trying to keep my focus to the making, NOT the marketing. 

PS tho – if you do want to see the process, I’ll be sharing the making and designs at @kholo_thelabel when I’m in India and later on as well. But I won’t be checking and replying daily. Just keeping it to a minimum so I don’t get obsessive and sad about it.