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Insides & Outsides

In a world so focused on the external, 
From liposuction, to fenders. 

Kylie’s lips to Ferragamo heels. 

From the bags, to the light fittings. 

We’re so obsessed. 
It is no wonder, 

We don’t have time to be concerned about the insides. 

Unless of course, it affects the outsides. 
Like weight. 

We worry about it because it affects how we fit in those jeans. 

Now because it affects how we think. 
But what about the things we can’t see on the outside? 

Like mental illness? 
We don’t worry about that. 

Because it can be masked. 

Because no one seems to be observing it. 

Because it’s not there when you look in the mirror. 
But what if. 
We thought that vibes, energy, mental health and wellbeing was actually the foundation of a firm pyramid. 
The foundation of an excellent body. 

The foundation path to wealth. 

The foundation to happiness. 
Perhaps finally then. 
We would all get to where we needed to go, 

A lot faster. 


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How does motherhood feel? 


  1. Cheri

    Very insightful. I totally agree. I just started yoga and always dismissed it because there was no obvious benefit, say compared to working out in the gym, where I could wear my hard work with pride. Silly me.

    • karishma

      Too true!
      I didn’t get the slowness of yoga, I’ve only come to love it recently. X

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