Adult life is shit scary.

Until recently, I didn’t know of anyone who has been raped, now I do. I’d read books and watched movies, but it was never as close as a LinkedIn connection.

3 years ago, I thought domestic abuse happened to people on TV shows like in Shameless. I was so wrong and clearly so prejudiced.

I thought contemplating suicide happened when you’re drugged up or when you’re alone, now I know it may be a part of the scene, or it may not be at all. You could be rich. You could be handsome. You could be loved.

When I was little, I thought people were always whom you expected them to be. Mean aunties were and would always be mean aunties. I never knew good people had dark days.

And until now, I was trying to do everything under the flaming sun to raise Aru away from that darkness.

But today, I realised, that darkness is in all of us.

It is in every relationship, be it in the passion or in the stagnancy.

It is in every parenthood, be it in the trapping love or in the firm voices or in the depths of the dark night that takes away your sleep, relentlessly.

It’s everywhere.

Like day and night.

And I realised.

Instead of fearing it.

We are better off acknowledging it.

As my wise father-in-law says, “yeh ek samay hai.”

This is a time.

And of course, my dear friend, whatever it is you are struggling with, trust me, it too shall pass.

And should it be all too much, we are here for you.
Take a closer look and you will see.