My darling friend 
You asked me, how does motherhood feel? 

Is it just this abundance of happiness? 

And I didn’t want to disappoint. 

Didn’t want your smile to collapse in surprise and then in sadness. 
How do I express to you. 

That just like anything else in life. 

There is no constant state. 

No regular abundance of happiness. 

It ebbs and it flows. 
Sometimes in full spectrum of tears and rage to sweet love and harmony. 
That is motherhood. 

It is as ordinary as family. 

Yes, your own family. 
And you know how many moments of delight and happiness are nestled into that branch. You know how often. 
Motherhood is all moments. 

Under the sun. 

You can hope to feel. 
And to allow for all moments, 

happiness had to make way. 

To make you, to form you, to refine you, to develop you. 

Failure, sorrow, loss, frustration and anger all had to arrive. 

At your door of motherhood. 
To make you. 

A mum. 

And a brilliant one at that.