Today, in a yoga session, my teacher asked us if we’d had time to honour ourselves. 

Initially, this felt like an odd question. 

But then she asked more questions. 

Do you savour that cup of tea in the morning, or were you browsing the net at the same time. 

Do you take a walk and observe the leaves. 

Were you in a rush to get the kids ready and out the door? 

When was the last time you paused to observe how you were feeling? 

What things delight you in a day and how many of them are you choosing to feel? 
From the moment our day begins, it often feels like there is no time. A million things to do. And simply no time. 


We need to make that time a priority for us. 

We need to choose me. 

My moments. 
Over the kids. Over staying back at work an hour late. Over the next house guests. Over showing up dressed to perfection. Over that luncheon on Saturday. Over that society shin dig. Over the gourmet dinner I was planning on cooking tonight. Over getting the laundry done. Over tidying the house to perfection. Over answering every call and responding to every message.  

We need to compromise our day-to-day expectations to honour ourselves. 

Because I truly believe. 



Is so much more important.