For the longest time, I’ve held back.

I didn’t want a design studio, I didn’t want the management, I didn’t want the stress.

After Aru came, this became more apparent. 

So we put the business of the market. And it just about sold.

But clearly my little girl wasn’t ready to leave me. 

The buyer’s loan application fell through.

I cried. I wanted release. 

Kish+Co wouldn’t let me go.


I’ve been stagnant.

My energy has been stagnant.

Finally we did a rehaul.

It broke me.

I faced the thought of letting it go. 

And I did. 

Its everything I’ve feared. Its my ego on the line. Its different from anything I’ve known.

You see the problem with having something to lose. 

Is simply that.

So. Kish+Co is still here. Kinda.

But it’s only strategy now.

We stripped it back to what I really care about.

Less the emails. Less the fuss.

Just the work.

With me luck.


PS – I wrote this post at the end of last year, but so much has changed, we’ve sold the business since then. Wahooo 🙂 More posts to come on that. 

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