It’s scary being in a marriage when you know your partner (if for a moment), was controlling. Were you that woman who allowed it? 

Because you ADORE, ADMIRE and perceive yourself as a STRONG WOMAN. 
But your right ankle rolled. 

And you looked it up in a book by Inna Segal. 

And there was a lot to it. 

But one line that struck you was about a controlling authority figure in your life. 

And you couldn’t see. 

That it might have been him. 
Things done his way because you feared his disappointment. 

Words spoken eloquently to achieve the right outcome. 

Requests put on hold for the right moment of acquiesce. 
You always put yourself in the same boat as Michelle Obama. 

Just as strong. 

Just as loved. 
But while you were so busy watching her in that plum red coat. 

You couldn’t pause to look at yourself. 

To observe the decisions you were making for all the wrong reasons. 
So your ankle started getting ready. 

It was just an accident waiting in the wings. 
To let you know. 

Hey honey, 

Something isn’t right here.