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Happy New Year…

I’ve allowed myself to not show up. 

To take a pause. 

To say, it’s okay, if I don’t live up to what I said I would. 

To sleep in. 

To laugh with my family instead. 

To chase Aru around the backyard instead. 
I’m sorry. 

If you were waiting. 
I met a man who said he reads my blogs everyday. 

And I felt shy and awkward at once. 
What would he be reading? 

I swear here. 

I talk about sex here. 

I put everything out. 

But then. 

I also know. 

I am real. 

And being real. 

Is whom I’ve always wanted to be. 

Not biting my tongue. 

Not bending my back. 

Not sugaring my words. 

Not lying through my teeth. 

So for this space. 

There are no resolutions. 
Other than. 

That this is enough. 

Being here, when I can, as I am. 

Is enough. 
Hope you’ve got a space that feels like home to you too. 


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The Wrong People


  1. Preach! What you do at your own pace, and makes you happy, is always enough.

    Happy New Year!

    ❥ tanvii.com

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