In one of my last few yoga classes, a teacher explained to us that in today’s society, we’re using two dominant chakras.

The navel and the heart.

Most of us are dominant in one or the other.

She also said, the most important journey you’ll ever make will be between those two chakras.

The naval chakra is all energy, go-go-go, motivation and making things happen. You’ll often see this in entrepreneurs, high achieving individuals, athletes, chefs, etc etc. They’re gunning for the peaks.

The heart chakra is filled with love, nurture and care. It’s motherly and can often be found in counsellors, yoga teachers (springing up everywhere), nurses, teachers, etc. etc.


The most incredible.
Are those that can connect the two chakras.

Because then they can bring qualities from each chakra, making for an emotional, powerful and effective force.


Now isn’t that a bit of brilliance?!