On Monday morning, Aru started a new version of teething like we’ve never seen before. Back arching. Constant screaming (just about). Sleep resistance. The lot. Worse still, he took it up a few notches when I was around.

It was so bad, we booked a doctor (haven’t yet seen one unless it’s a routine check up with Aru and he’s 15 months). We also messaged my darling friend, Vicki who quickly called me back and I booked a session with Marion Rose (will let you know how it goes). And of course, the nannies. Good lord, thank god for the nannies. And – we cancelled any work meetings that could wait. We both needed to stick it together and support each other during this (clearly) life and death type time.

The worse thing was that when it started, we didn’t know if it was teething or civil disobedience…

So much confusion.

On the Tuesday, I took a Kundalini Yoga class.
During the class, we did an interesting post – it felt really weird, a bit like marching and kick boxing at the same time. My amazing yoga teacher said, “imagine your are punching your way through your problems”.

It was enough to bring tears to my eyes.

But then I quickly thought that everyone would think I was a total weirdo. And I should keep that shit to myself.

After the class, I told my teacher.
She said to me, “You should cry if you feel like it”.
And I regretted not getting it out.

I’m learning now, that getting it out is our human coping mechanism.
After I’ve had a big cry, V will often rub my back and say, “is there anything left inside? Would you like to cry a bit more? Or say a bit more?”.

And often there is no solution.
Crying doesn’t feel like a solution.

But in a way it is.
It makes it all feel lighter and manageable somehow.

And there is no logic.

But I guess babies have a lot to teach us.
They’re the experts on getting it all out.

So go on.
Get. It. Out.