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For fathers with daughters 

She will go as far as your belief in her.

She will fall as low as your doubt in her.

She will hurt you the most.

She will love you the most.

She will expect the same from her husband, lover or partner as she got from you.

She doesn’t know it, but she does the things she does to make you proud.

She thinks she is the carbon image of her mother on some days, but she lights up when they tell her she is like her daddy.

You may think she doesn’t need you anymore, or that she doesn’t like you anymore, but the years are never lost. The strings are never cut, no matter how deep the cut.

So go on.

Melt just a little.

Give just a little.

I know it’s the hardest thing for you.

But find the words and say them.

And keep saying them.

No matter the defiance or the awkward silence.

Just say them.

Put it out there.

So she can never doubt.

So it’s ingrained in her.

That her daddy loves her,

That her daddy knows she is so very incredible,

And he’s amazed by what she’s been through and how far she’s come.
It’s all she needs more than any wad of cash, fancy dress or new car. It will take her through the roughest days of her life, even when you aren’t there for her.



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