V and I went for dinner last night and we were both a bit grumpy about different things. Typical, you did this, but you did that type of a conversation. 
After unravelling the separate items on each of our lists (Just in case you’re curious about what we fight about);

I had to wake up at 5am, 

When I did, you complained about my feet being heavy on the floor, what kind of a commentary is that at 5am?

Oh and why didn’t you want to talk at breakfast today? It’s important for me to express myself. 


You’ve been grumpy so that is why I’ve been leaving you alone for some time out. 

You keep complaining about things. 

(Clearly, the I in the former paragraphs use a lot of words, as opposed to V who doesn’t speak as much!). 
But my point here. 

Is that. 
We realised, 

That the person who is complaining, is the person who is unhappy about something in their life. 
I know. I know, this is probably soooooo hard to grasp. 
What if you just asked yourself, what could you do to make it better? 
The complainer, is actually the only one with the right solution for themselves. They are responsible for finding that solution and making it work. 
Trust me, it just might change your life!