Yesterday we were talking about “what fills up my time”. 
I have many, many things that do. 

Dishes. Aru. Rug selection. Ramen noodles. Trip bookings. Etc. 
But none of those things. 

Feed my inner ego. 
For some people, it’s kudos. 

For some it’s money. 

For some it’s love. 
For me? 

It’s probably money and kudos. 
Lot’s of it. 
I think outside of meeting basic needs. 

Feeding the ego is probably first up. 
I’ve been wasting so much time on Instagram and my Promotions tab in Gmail. 

I know it’s because I’m not truly satisfied. 
Although my Stella Adidas tights do come quite close.. 
So – next pursuits?! Feed the ego for me 🙂 I just need to find out how!