I failed last week, when I lost my temper.  

I learnt last week, that it’s so essential to speak in a calm tone when the energy of the moment has subsided to something more casual.  

I failed when I had to shut down one of my businesses.  

I learnt that for me, running a business needs to be worth the profit you create and a product range isn’t the answer (in the meantime anyways).  

I failed when I lost my patience with Aru and had to walk away.  

I learnt that it’s good to walk away from Aru and give V a call if I need a break or distract myself by giving him a walk about or a mini video or sometime on the learning tower.  

I failed when I had that shot of whiskey and my body curdled.  

I learnt that for me, whiskey is too strong now. My body doesn’t have the same tolerance it used to and I’m likely to fall sick or feel exhausted with all the heat it generates in my body. 


If we feared failure less, we would be more open to it.  

And we’d be learning more as a result.  

Go ahead and fail.  

Go ahead and learn.