a work in progress

Don’t even.

Hey lady.

Don’t think you can manipulate me.
I’m not as young and naive as I once was.

Don’t think you can twist people’s opinions of me.
They know who I am because they don’t need words to form an opinon.

Don’t try and turn the story around.
You’ve done it for so long, we all know where the lies are at.

And worst of all.
Don’t pretend love.
I was a fool for that a while ago, but time has taught me better.

I can see clearly now.
Who you are.

And it pains me to pretend for you.
So read the silence I offer.

It’s the only form of genuine I can be.
Without shedding you of your fakery.


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To be a child again.


And I’m just getting started…


  1. Leigh

    I like this poem a lot Kish. Sounds like lyrics to a song.

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