My darling Aru. 

Somedays I’m scared you’ll actually have memories of being 2 years old. 

What will you think of me? 

Of the harsher moments? 

I want you to know. 

I have ignored you, when I wanted to dance a little longer to my tune of the moment. (Major Lazer, Light It Up in case you were wondering). 

Perhaps you’ll grow a little more patient. Perhaps I really needed that moment.

I have let you graze your knees while you were under my gaze. Willingly. 

In the knowledge, that it might teach you a thing or two about looking after yourself. 

Maa won’t always be around my sweet. 

I have giggled when you are in tears. 

A little splash of water won’t hurt you. 

But convincing you that you should never be splashed at, certainly would. 

My sweet boy, I let you taste the chilli. 

Sharp upon your tongue. 

Tears came streaming down. 

But now you know, when your Mama says “Tikhoo che” that is what she means. 

No lies here. 

Darling Aru. 

I have been grumpy at you, had fights with you when neither of us can comprehend the other. 

I want you to know, real life is like that somedays. 

Fights. Tears. Laughter and Cuddles. 

It’s all part of the dosa mix. 

I’ve left you in the company of others, let them feed you cakes, let them be firm with you, let them be ever so gentle with you. 

So you learn, that people will be different. 

Not everyone will feel and love like your Maa.
My dear Aru. 

Find a woman who knows how to dance and won’t be made to stop. Both figuratively and literally. 

Find a lover who doesn’t always give in. Have those fights and be true to your insides. 

Find a woman who won’t pamper you, it will be to your detriment. 

And my dear Aru, know that everyone is different, everyone will love you differently. But there is someone who loves you everyday, in the dull moments that span 365 days of the year, and in the exciting ones that span a Christmas weekend. 

That love. 

Is ordinary, everyday, extraordinary and wonderful. 

Find that love. For I have shown you what it looks like. 

Your Maa.