Dear Buddha,
Now that I’ve started working more, I miss you more.
I realized my cap was 3-4 hours with you at a stretch. Maximum.
I’m just not built that way. The way that do a whole day.
The way that be happy keeping a home.
I’m sorry Buddha. I can’t give you a mum like that.
But you chose me, so I’m guessing you’re okay with it.
Darling Buddha. I miss you. On my way to Southern Cross station when I go down an escalator, I miss you.
When I see mums walking with their prams, I miss you.
When there are just the 3 of us, all adults at home, I miss you.
When I sit around, waiting for my next meeting and I browse through videos of you, I miss you. 
When tasting a new dish, I miss you.
And Buddha,
That is a good thing.