It takes courage. 
It takes courage to argue with someone. 

More so, someone close to home. 
It takes courage to put yourself first. 

To imagine the taunts of what people might say in front of you or behind your back. 
It takes courage to share something on social media. 

Hoping for approval. 
It takes courage to live a life that you want. 

Afraid of the pit you might fall into because others had different opinions. 
It takes courage. 
Every little step. 

Every little dare. 

Every little rebellion. 
Takes courage. 
So if you are that naughty, crazy, challenging person. 

Who has fights with people you love. 

Who has had days with no money or lots of loans. 

Who made mistakes. 
Then I’ll have you know. 


And that is. 

Success enough.