So I kept on giving. Kept on giving. 

Expanding the boundaries. 

Breaking the bounds. 

Undoing the limits.

And then.  

Inch by inch. 

I grew resentful. 

It started with frustration and then snowballed to anger. 
After all. 

He/ She / They just kept on taking. 

And now I look back. 

And I know what I have to learn. 

Pause on the giving no matter how much you fear being a bad judgement of yourself. 

Because in the end, you up being hurt as well as causing hurt. 

Which is never what you intended, but is what happens when the glass is spun too fine, the cords and pulled too tight, the metal heated so much it becomes brittle. 

Because as a woman, we’re both blessed and cursed with tolerance. 

It’s up to us, not the end point that makes us snap, to draw our lines.