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Breaking up with an ex

Today someone asked me what it felt like to let go of a business.  I laughed and I said, “It felt like breaking up with a boyfriend”.  That fresh feeling.  Hope. Freedom. Renewed excitement for life.  All of the above.  Sometimes when something isn’t right for you, you fear the consequences of letting go.  For me, it was my name, my connections, how each and every person who had ever touched upon my brand, would feel.  That was scary shit.  But letting go.  Best feeling ever.  Because at the end of it all, you need to be where your heart is happy.  So my sweetheart, is anything holding you back?  Are you stuck in a job you want to leave?  Stuck in a relationship you know you need to let go?  Held hostage in a city you need to leave, but their doughnuts are too good?  Or perhaps you’re in limbo. Fearing the jump.  Figure out what your fear is and ask yourself — what if?  What if?  What if letting go feels incredible and pans out much, much, much better than I anticipated?  Cause it just might.  Xx K

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  1. I felt the SAME WAY when I decided to shut down my business too!!! 😀

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