This is the post I wish I had read back in 2008 when V and I were newly married. It would have saved me a lot of trouble and trauma and arguments. Just a mini FYI here – V and I are both entrepreneurs – so this post works both ways. So when I say “he” I also mean “she”!

The tough bits.

  1. The phone will feel like an instrument of anti-romance. Of course, it was once the direct route to your heart when there were all those corny, romantic text messages. But it will feel like he’s on the phone all the time.
  2. Money comes and money goes. And life goes on. You live large. You live lean. When it’s time for someone’s wage to get a cut back, it’s always going to be his first.
  3. The stress – can envelope them. And it feels like you’re having to take them out of the envelope. A lot. With V and I, so often we were both stressed at the same time and that certainly took a hunk of fun out of our relationship.
  4. The slog. Somedays it feels relentless, even on holidays. Sure it’s exciting and what some people might even perceive as a dream, but somedays, it just feels like slog. It’s weekends. Weeknights. Early mornings and generally most waking hours. To get to that place of rest, of assurance, that slog is what it takes.
  5. The blind faith. I think out of all of the above, this is probably the one thing I’m good at. I just know. It. Will. All. Work. Out.


The best bits. 

  1. They can work from anywhere and often enough, they’ll choose to be working near you. I find V just gravitates to where Aru and I are. Best feeling ever. Its meant that I do what I can to give him uninterrupted work time at home and he does the same.
  2. Whilst money comes and it goes, it makes you save wisely and it gives you a fresh perspective on where to spend it. It will arouse your curiosity in investing and growing money.
  3. Choices. Today, the biggest benefit we’ve seen of entrepreneurship has been that we can choose to be with Aru. We don’t have to be somewhere at 9am. We don’t have to come home after he’s gone to bed. For that alone, I would do it all over again.


Looking back, I wonder if the universe was planning this all along. For me to be able to make the choices I’ve wanted to make. For V to be able to be the Dad he wants to be.

Entrepreneurs – if you’re married to one, have a little faith and hang in there, it gets better.