I think we like to hold onto anger. 

We like to hold on to hate. 

Some of us are into revenge, others into more subtle techniques of it. 

It makes us feel like we were right. 

I don’t know why it’s so important for us to feel right. 
But today. 

I said sorry. 

And I realised, in the whole conversation of things – this and that, she said and she did, it could have happened like this and we could avoid it next time if we do this…. 

The only thing that mattered to me, 

Was simply. 

That I said sorry. 

Genuinely. From my deepest insides. 
And with that, she may or may not have felt better, 

But I felt lighter. 


Weightless even – and we know for me, that is not really a thing. 

But I was