Before we had Aru, I had began the search for baby needs. Cots and prams were the bare basics. It felt really, really overwhelming.
Every family and baby will have a different equation. But these are the things we really needed and truly used vs. the things we are glad we didn’t buy, or regret buying!

This doesn’t cover every single thing – you can go to Pinterest for that! It covers more of the debatable things you might be tossing up on.

Baby Carrier.
A friend had actually gifted her unused one for us. We’ve since got another one by Ergo Baby (best known for good baby posture). These were a godsend.
Aru actually got one of these in the incubator from a nurse. Since then, they’ve been handy and a friend of mine recommended to use it around bedtime so they know when to sleep. This was one of those things I never thought we’d need. Aaaahhhh, assumptions.
Blankets – never enough.

Swaddle Cloths and generic use cloths
I didn’t get those burp specific ones that are like a couple of inches wide. A friend of mine got me these large ones that are SUPER handy. She is a wise one!

Puj Tub

My mum was pretty impressed with this. We used it for Aru till he couldn’t fit in it. Then we laid it flat in the bathtub / shower and he would get a handshower. Now he sits upright in the bath. We’ve never used a tub for him.

Breastfeeding Related

Nursing Pads – the leaking stops after your body is in order and the feeding is more regulated. So I would buy the disposable ones next time around – the fabric ones just made me look bigger – needless to say, I didn’t need that look.

Nursing Bras – super handy. Just go for the comfy ones.

Nursing Tops – Yes. Yes. Yes. The best ones I found were from a brand called DOTE and a fair few from Pea In A Pod.

Nursing Cover – Bebe Au Lait hands down. I had to use a shield and it was damn fiddly. So was Aarav. Legs kicking and all that jazz. That said, I would happily feed him in a car as well.

Lactation Consultant – This was one of those things I never thought we’d need. Aaaahhhh, assumptions. Best decision ever. Thanks to her advice, I actually felt like I knew what I was doing.
Pumping Kit – a friend had recommended Medela so we went with their kit. After labour, the nurses came in trying to pinch milk out of me. It was a really awful experience even though they were polite about it. I wish I’d just whacked the kit on. It made the milk come. Aarav was premie, so he couldn’t have go it out anyways.

Wants that have made a difference

A Cot – believe it or not, we were going to go Montessori style. Let’s just say I’m not as hardcore as I like to think I am.

A change station. With the breastfeeding, my back was already out of whack. This made a big difference (prior to this, we were just doing it on the bed or wherever, so we also saved on sheet washing time). We got one with wheels on it – best thing ever. When he gets really grumpy with diaper changes, sometimes, I put him under a very interesting chandelier we happen to have!

Baby Monitor. This has turned out to be handy and means I worry less and interrupt Aru less as well. I wouldn’t recommend the one I bought (Oricom – because when it vibrates it’s loud enough to wake you up and sometimes you just don’t need that).

Cool Clothes for Aru. Initially I didn’t allow myself this. Everyone had bought us clothes so I didn’t feel like I should indulge. Now that everyone has petered off, it’s the one thing I thoroughly enjoy. His wardrobe is BABY SWAG. (Mini Rodini, Nature Baby, Seed Baby, Morffew and Marimekko – which is clearly Aunty budget, not Mum budget!).

Ugh, I can’t believe we bought this. Or, yay we didn’t buy this!

Co-sleeper cot. We bought this. Then Aru’s first night home and Vivek has him cuddled in bed. After reading a lot of Dr. Sear’s and Dr. Harvey Karp, I know we’ll be cuddling our next bubba in bed again (God willing).

Cot bumpers. He’s fine and will survive a bit of a bump.

Diaper Bag. I’ll never admit this to Vivek – but I really don’t think we need a diaper bag. We could have gotten away with a Longchamp bag and a few snaplock bags inside it. I get all excited with motherhood sometimes!

Playmat. Aarav just got a rug or anything padded we could find. Leave it to me to hate all the playmat designs in the market.

Bumbo Seat – mixed reviews on this one, we had one gifted from a friend, we didn’t end up using it much.

A walker – from what I’ve read, they’re bad for a baby’s development.



Got any Q’s? Pop a comment beneath and I’ll get back to you when Aru’s next nap lets me 🙂