Sometimes I’ll be talking to people and telling them how I was feeling prior, or what was on my mind as I was doing something. And they’ll say, “I’m surprised you’re actually aware of what you were thinking then!”. 

I think we all think so much. 

Half the time, the thoughts come and go, from bolting the door, to booking the trip, to paying the bills to what is for dinner tonight. 

Other times, we’re in deep over some source of pain, a flailing co-worker, a betraying friend, a talkative mother, a moody husband or a troubling child. 

Often, we’re head deep in it. 

So many freaking thoughts like you wouldn’t believe. 

But the real problem is that… We don’t know just how much they’re swirling in our heads. 

So imagine, the space, they would leave, in our brilliant minds, if they left. 

If we stopped worrying, stopped stressing, stopped the anxiousness. 
It’s pretty exhilarating right?! 
Here is what I do just about daily. 
I find myself 5 minutes. 

Preferably with a cup of tea and some personal space. 

AKA “Aru-Free-Time”. 
And I write.

The answer to this question:
“What thoughts are swirling in my mind?”
And over time, you will find, that some thoughts will weigh more heavily than others. 

Those are the ones you’re going to want help with. An unbiased person with an open mind. 
You’ll also find, you’ll get faster over time. 

You’ll pick it up sooner. 

A hint, a warning sign, an inner signal. 

They’ll all say, “There’s a hump coming” or perhaps “This track isn’t the ideal path for you” or maybe even “Let it go”. 
And you’ll find your inner knowing is kicking in and steering the wheels. 

And trust me, that’s the best way to be.