V and I have been through some interesting marriage realisations lately. 
So if you’re reading the posts and hoping we’re ok – we are. 

We basically realised we were stuck in a loop. 

He developed a superiority complex and I developed an inferiority complex. 

Together, it was so complimentary, it was nuts. 

Each was feeding off the other. 

You really do get what you give out to the universe. 
Till one day V was like, she’s too dependant on me. 

And I was like, he’s too controlling. 
And since then, we’ve been unravelling. 

Loosening the bolts. 

Readjusting the hinges. 
Kind of finding our zen again. 
We’re not quite there yet.
I need to hear my soul for me to get there. 
So if you’re reading some posts that have you worried – just know, they were a month ago, we’re processing and all is well (mostly!). And you’ll find this journey marked in “The Sexes” category, in case you want to know how it’s all falling into place or out of place 🙂
X hugs,