The other day, I took Aru to a “Nutrition Bar” and let him eat half a piece of their tiramisu and have a sip of my “Liquid Gold”. 
He’s used to the occasional sweet food, chocolate bikkies and the like, so I didn’t think much of it. 
Till, he wasn’t interested in bedtime. 

Come 7pm. 




He was like a little rocket. 

Giggling, exploring, continuous. 
We were a little bit bewildered. 

Wrapped up the night with some calming herbal goodness and a car ride to finally put him to sleep. 

You might think nothing of it, but for parents, who expect their son to be asleep at 7pm, a stretch and a bundle of confusion can be quite draining (I can hear my Dad saying, “Get over it!”). 


So lately, I’ve been thinking. 
Everything is as it is meant to be. 

It has all been written. 

We are just performing the part. 

Perhaps there was a lesson to be learnt (obviously). 

Perhaps it was preparing us for a trip we’ve got coming up. 

I can take it as a pain-in-the-butt of a night, or as a gentle, loving sign from the universe to be a bit mindful as well as potential solutions that can be. 
So as each day begins, somethings go wrong and somethings go right. 

And I’ve been telling myself, it’s how it is meant to be.