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20 Things That Make Me Happy + Some

The last time I did this, I kinda turned my life around. 

I think it’s time for the updated version. 

  1. My home (hahaha, sprung to mind before my husband and my son teeheehee). 
  2. My husband, when he surprises me with his understanding of life. 
  3. My son, when he wants to press his cheek to mine – this is a rare delight and I savour it. 
  4. My masala chai and two pieces of toast every morning give me incredible satisfaction, to the point where V tries to ensure I can have it uninterrupted. 
  5. Face times with my fam.
  6. Watching Emily Blunt in Wild Target. 
  7. My embarrassing UGG Boots which keep me delightfully warm in the mornings. 
  8. My garden with the curry leaves and the passion fruit vine growing. 
  9. Having neighbours who are happy to get the occasional food delivery – I think it means more happiness to me than to them.
  10. The porch, which now has seats. Wahoo. 
  11. The new opportunities to travel, I feel like life keeps unfolding before me. 
  12. OMG – my co-share working space, which is 5 minutes from home. By. Foot.
  13. The new app we’re starting to work on.  
  14. My yoga teacher and yoga practise. I say that like I can do downward dog for ages – but really, I’m the one sprawled on the floor, or better yet, in child pose. I love it. Especially child pose. 
  15. Writing. 
  16. Having a washing machine AND a dryer. Still gives me the kicks. 
  17. The satisfaction of finally having furniture in our home. Every lamp, light fitting, chair and table give me immense joy. I could just stare. 
  18. Date nights with V. 
  19. Having NimBin Cheese in the fridge and an extra bottle of Pic’s peanut butter in the cupboard. Life is so good. 
  20. Catching the train more often. 
  21. Eggs with chilli and cheese. 
  22. Being able to get some time to take photographs of the feels. 
  23. The cool way our little suburb is growing. 
  24. Buying Aru’s diapers in bulk so we hardly ever run out (either same day or next day delivery y’all).
  25. Having clothes start me to fit me better, just a teeny bit. 
  26. Knowing I’ve sold my business to a lovely guy. 
  27. Friendships. The few I hold onto – make me so happy!
  28. The nanny’s routine – I wasn’t sure if it would work, but it’s been so good. Locked in times and clarity. 
  29. Hot water with lemon. 
  30. Waking up to vines and creepers right outside our bedroom. 
  31. Sunlight. 
  32. Being able to talk to certain people on a whole new level because things have changed and there is more to share. 
  33. My gold sneakers. 
  34. The ring I bought myself on our anniversary. So glad I can take V out of the equation – teeheehee. 

There is more, but Aru is knocking at the door and so is my toast. 


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  1. Cheri

    Keep writing. x

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