It occurred to me today.

We can give our children,
organic food,
organic clothes,
baby balm from USA,
a private school education,
a Montessori education,
a life with travel and exposure to all sorts of countries,
the safest car seat,
a library full of books,
a dining experience from NOBU to NOPI,
the most beautiful home,
a safe neighbourhood,
time with family and cousins and friends,
every new release of the iPhone the day it comes out,
all this
all this and more
and more.

But if we don’t give them 15 minutes of our undivided attention everyday.
Then what is it worth?
Who do they go on to become?
What have we really done?

And don’t be a cheater like me.

Undivided attention means; no phones, no cameras, no other friends, no books, no playing while you wash the dishes or fold the clothes.

Undivided attention is simply that.
It’s all his.
Whether he wants it or not.

It’s there for him.

And today I realised, that sweet spot, is where the magic really happens.
Where they step beyond the 4 steps and double it to 8.
When they tip the pot of water and you realise it’s ok.
When they fill an entire evening with delight.

That undivided attention is actually the truest and purest reward of parenting.
It feels frickin good.