Today, I asked a friend of mine for help.
The thing is, she’s pretty high profile.
And we haven’t been friends for years.
It’s more like months.

So a big part of me was nervous.
What if she thought I only wanted to ask her for things?

Immediately, she called me up.
She couldn’t wait to help.
My eyes filled with tears as I realised how I’d feared her potential rejection.
And here she was.
On the other end of the line, filling my heart to it’s brim.

I said, “It’s so tricky, it’s like being friends with a celebrity.”
She said, “Imagine us both as village women. Just hanging out and going to the river with our pails for water. Chilling and chatting. Looking after each other.”

She said, “That’s what womanhood is.”

And in that moment.
I realised.

We need to strip each other off our titles.
Off from the number of followers on our profiles.
Strip the money off our backs.
The jewels from our fingers.

And just feel souls.
Just feel that good, loving energy.

I’d confused my emotions with all the clutter.
It was so hard to see just her.
A friend.
Because all the other stuff,
Made it about other stuff.

And we don’t need that shit.

Oh no we don’t.