Bear with me on this one – I’m not a doctor or an Ayurvedic specialist. But once we get to the crux, you might feel ideas and thoughts ticking in your brain.

So, V and I have had multiple conversations on this – and in short – imagine a cord from your mind to your heart. Imagine that cord storing strong memories. Once a tragedy strikes or you feel something super deep, it gets stuck in your Rahisya Nadi – the cord from your mind to your heart. 

Now that you’ve got that bit. Let the story begin. 


A long time ago, I was young and naive and really impressionable. I met a girl who liked the same kind of music I did. I was girl crushing big time. Finally, in the little town of Suva, I met someone with similar artistic interests to me. This hadn’t not happened in my life yet. I wanted to hang out! 

And so we did! It was awesome. 

However, after a while, for some reason, this girl was a bit more interested in my sister’s friends than me. One day I called and I realise she didn’t even want to talk to me, she told her mum to tell me she was too busy. 

I was so broken. 

From that day onwards, I never really leapt into friendships. I held back. Observed. I was reserved and cautious. 

I could never really express my true delight in being friends with someone. 

In my eyes. 

It was a weakness to express so much of my heart. 


I had an open heart. 

But after this experience had nestled itself in my Rahisya Nadi, I was cautious and closed hearted. It often takes me years to make deep friendships and even then, I never go around saying, “I heart you so much!” – unless I’m drunk. 

V asked me:

If you met a woman who was open hearted. 


A woman who was closed hearted. 

Whom would you rather be friends with?


The thing is. Life is about unravelling the life lessons that come from fear and dark experiences.

To be like a child again.

And let the fear go.