I can’t promise you it’ll be easy.
I can’t promise you we’ll all always be there for you.
I can’t promise you that you’ll never cry alone.
I can’t promise you that all people you meet will live up to your idea of great people.
I can’t promise you that it’ll be peachy.

I can promise you that it’ll be challenging.
There will be days that will bring you to your knees.
Moments when you’ll wish you could rewind or undo the decisions.
Struggles that felt they would be easier, till you met them in the face and they gave you whiplash from the shock.

This love.
This life.
These choices.
The hardness.
The grittiness.

It all ain’t easy my friend.

But in the end.
How you see it.
How you feel it.

Has nothing to do with what it is.
And everything to do with your spirit.

So if you have to fix anything.
If you’re wondering where to start when the pain comes.
What part of you to soothe first.

Choose your spirit.