For the first time in over 10 years, I sat down to make a garland.

And curiously enough, I remembered the times I’d make a garland with my grandma.

We had to be showered and fresh.

The bowl we collected the flowers in had to be washed, as did the surface we were going to make the garlands on.

There were always roses, marigolds and jasmines in our garden.

We’d measure roughly, sit down and start.

It would probably have been a 30 minute process.

But it was.


And looking back, I know I went through the motions.

I’d rather be garland making than washing the dishes.

I probably never really smelled the scent.

Never paused to be with the leaves.

Never enjoyed the silence and solitude of it all.

It was a form of meditation.

I just didn’t know it.

And I know now, why we make garlands.

Perhaps simply for that 30 minute respite in the day.

A thing we did for the Gods, serving us better in it’s own way.