We had a session with Kaylene the other day and she was talking to V about purpose.

What is your purpose?

And aside from writing this stuff, right here.
I’ve always felt like my purpose – my life’s work can’t be “just designing clothes”.
It felt fickle.
Not deep enough.

I come from a culture.
A bookish history.
A lifetime that wasn’t dedicated to the love of art and the beautiful.

I come from hard work.
Tough lives.
I come from days with less money.

There was not a moment to be lost in musing.
In a wandering brush stroke.

Trump got elected.

And all over my feed.
There were women.
With beauty.

A flower.
A few words.
A smile.
A petal.

That would give hope.
Calm the eyes and calm the mind.

Bring healing.

And I realised.
Beauty is that.

Not what we’ve made it today.
But that.

A trip to a gallery to soothe your soul.
A home which is alive with greens and flushes of pink.
Those eyes lined with kohl.

A sensory awareness.
We don’t allow ourselves to indulge in.
Is beauty.



PS Merry Christmas my friends. I hope you’re full of all the feels with those you love surrounding you. For I’ve recently realised, there is no greater blessing than that.