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That overused and little understood word. Authentic.
For the longest time, I heard it being bandied around.

But I only recently understood what it means.

It means leaving a little mess before your guests come home and maybe more.
It means forgoing perfection and priding yourself on the lack of it.
It means a stray hair that is lovingly kept astray.
It means sharing an Instagram image which is less than perfect.
It means laughing out loud.
It means saying the shit that goes on in your mind instead of what you’ve been taught to say. That’s why we love Bridget.
It means.
Stripping off what you think you ought to do.
And instead.
Doing what feels damn good for you.


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Get you.


Ignorance via assumption


  1. Cheri

    Yes, yes and yes. I’m so over the overstyled pictures of instagram. I find it just one big yawnfest. It’s the same thing, over and over. If I am going to share something, I prefer platforms like snapchat, where you can’t hide anything, or perfect a composition. I’ve even adopted this newfound liberation in my daily life. Less make-up, less giving a shit about what I wear, worrying about the image I’m portraying. I delight in showing up to a fancy lunch barefaced and casual now. It feels good to say, this is who I am even though I’ve always been pretty upfront and authentic in how I interact with friends—I’m very direct—but it feels good that in the last few years the outside also reflects that too. Viva la grey hairs! Ha!

    • karishma

      Can’t wait to check you for grey hairs when we next catch up! It’s weird, somedays I feel like it’s an honour to give myself time for some moisturising lotion and eye liner. Because I’ve been unable to pause with Aru around for a while and also, because I don’t prioritise looking at my face in the mirror. So its odd to know you’re on the other side 🙂

    • karishma

      PS – I used Instagram Stories a lot more for the same reason. There is no expectation of perfection. You might enjoy @kayaanlovebug ‘s InstaStories – she’s HILARIOUS 🙂

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